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Facts About Tanning Addiction

The one is told that they have tan, then it is equivalent to that they have a skin or sun damage. Tan can lead to a person getting; sun spots, wrinkles, skin cancer among other harmful effects. The truth about most people that go to tanning salons is that they are aware of the damage that they will be doing to their body. A high percentage of women are the one who go for tanning while many of those are teenagers. There is a high possibility of an individual getting cancer through tanning. When an individual has tan, then it essentially means that the skin has an injury. With this, the damage creates cancer cells or lessen the fight of the existing ones in the body.

One need to take note of the tanning myths. The advertising plan for most tanning salons is that their beds are not harmful to the body given that the rays they use are not bad to the bod. This is, however, not true given that UVA rays and UVB rays are both harmful to the body. This is because the damage that the rays cause penetrates deep to the layers of the skin. It then in most times cause a genetic damage. The most dangerous skin cancer can be caused and is known as malignant melanoma. Skin cancer being preventable, it is certain that the effects are far much worse. By an individual being under 35, then it means that the percentage of getting the skin cancer is at 70%.

Even with individuals knowing the damages that tanning has to their body, they still find themselves going back given that the UVA rays in the tanning beds are addictive. It is also notable that not all the individuals are not aware of the negative effects that they will get because of tanning. It is also notable that there are people that are struggling with cosmetic addiction. Because an individual is to concerned with their appearance, then they find it vital to have level of tan that they dim fit for them.

In summary, the solution to tanning is by one considering sunless tanner, creams as well as sprays that make an individual look a little bit darker. An individual has to consider this options even if they are not perfect rather than opting for tanning. To break from the addiction, then it is important for an individual to consider consulting a professional in the area. However, if this is expensive, then one can consider helping themselves by reducing the session time and they will soon break from the addiction.