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What You Should Know About Social Justice and What You Can Do

Social justice may refer to the way people live in a society, observing equity in terms of wealth distribution and privileges. Social injustice, on the other hand, refers to a system where the resources and privileges are shared with favoritism. Today, cases of injustice are witnessed everywhere. It happens in different levels; nationally, locally as well as globally. This article discusses the different forms of social injustice and how we can fight them to ensure that we live in a just world.

Economic injustice is one of the common vices in the world today. Here, there is an unbalanced distribution of earnings and opportunities between groups of people in a society. The main types of economic injustice are income, pay and wealth. Discrimination is another form of social injustice. The age or gender of someone should not be a reason not be just and fair. It is better to learn about social injustice through discrimination. Read on to learn more about the different forms of discrimination.

There is common discrimination based on religion. Different people have varying belief in the supreme. Mostly, minorities are the greatest victims discrimination based on religion. Religious discrimination is common even in societies that observe the freedom of worship. Age discrimination is another form of social injustice. It is mostly seen in the workplace. There are chances that older people are retrenched to give way for younger people. Similarly, there are cases where some employees are assigned to unpleasant duties and they don’t get pay rises because of their age is a form of social injustice.

When men and women are not treated equally, it leads to discrimination based on gender. Biologically, men and women are different but they should be treated equally. Racial discrimination is another form of social injustice that is common in every corner of the world. Although we might have differences in our races, no one should feel superior to the other. If someone is targeted because they have a different race, that is racial profiling.

You have a responsibility to fight social injustice. The first step to ending social injustice is by fighting injustice. Charity begins at home; thus you should start by targeting the people around you equally. The little donations you can give to people who are in the forefront in the fight against social injustice can help a lot. It is also important to note that you can volunteer to help with some work at a seniors’ care center. Some of the ways through which you can take part in the fight against social injustice include getting involved in protests.